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Tehran Stock Exchange attends Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges session

Monday, Mar 05, 2018

The Egyptian Stock Exchange, Muscat Stock Exchange, Tehran Stock Exchange, Irans OTC, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Palestine, Cyprus, EBRD, AFM, Arab Federation of Exchanges, and Central Depository of Iran participated in the session.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- During the session, the Secretary-General of FEAS submitted a report on the actions taken and the duties assigned. The FEAS members exchanged views on the general policies of FEAS and the membership status of the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Also, the necessary changes and amendments were made to the FEAS Statutes. It was also stated that Bahrain and Qatari exchanges have requested full membership, and the Georgian and Belarusian exchanges have also requested to become observer members. 

Tehran Stock Exchange, OTC of Iran, Muscat, Egypt, Cyprus, Athens, Armenia, Amman, Damascus, Palestine, Iraq, Bucharest, Colombo, Central Depository of Iran and Armenia, as well as the EBRD, GMEX and ANNA representatives were present at the working committee. The Secretary-General of FEAS reported on the upcoming FEAS projects, including holding the Champions League among the members. According to the Secretary-General, the preparation of a ‘business report’ for each stock was one of the measures.

Furthermore, the Kazakhstani Stock Exchange presented a comprehensive report on the status, trading statistics and changes made since the establishment. The Iranian Depository Center also outlined Iran's capital market structure, depositary executive procedures, software and technical products, and future projects of the company.

Representatives of the EBRD and ANNA also provided reports on their activities and areas of work, and discussed the possibility of using their experiences in members’ exchanges.

It was also agreed that the annual session of the Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges would be held in Egypt November 2018.


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