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Bank Melli Iran sings three financing agreements

Saturday, Dec 02, 2017

Over the past 100 days, Bank Melli Iran has taken important steps such as signing three financing agreements (worth EUR 9.5bn), connecting directly Paris Branch to European payment systems Target 2, as well as the development of brokerage relations in South America.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Moreover, Najaf Branch was opened experimentally with the aim of facilitating the activities of pilgrims and expanding international operations. Hong Kong Branch (Melli Bank PLC) was also launched on September 15.

The bank has recently participated in several large financial deals between the Islamic Republic of Iran and China, South Korea, Austria and Denmark.

The bank’s first agreement was with South Korea's Exim Bank, worth 8 billion euros. According to the contract, various economic projects of the country can receive long-term foreign exchange facilities at a very reasonable cost.

The second contract was the $35 billion credit line for Iranian banks provided by Chinese banks to invest in the country's projects.

Furthermore, a 1.5 million euro deal was concluded between Iranian banks, including Bank Melli, and several Austrian and Danish banks.

These contracts have created great privileges for Iranian banks and domestic investors, so that project owners will no longer be concerned about financing.

Despite the contracts, investors can still submit their financing plans to Bank Melli and use the credit lines after receiving approvals. The bank is ready to receive investors' plans without any delay.

On the other hand, in the field of expansion of brokerage relations, more than 36 meetings were held with banks of different countries, and Bank Melli established brokerage relations with eight foreign banks. The Bank is the first Iranian bank managed to provide banking transactions with Brazil.


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