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IMF figures indicate a rise in number of foreign investors in Iran

Monday, May 04, 2015

(SHADA: TEHRAN) – Latest figures released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicate a rise in the number of foreign investors in Iran, the Head of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organisation (SEO) Mohammad Fetanat said here on Monday.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the 7th International Conference on Islamic Capital Market in Tehran, Fetanat noted the conference was held to serve three major purposes; it aims to provide an opportunity for investors and experts to exchange views and share expertise in regard to Islamic finance, become familiar with new financial tools, specifically Islamic tools, and discuss the need for further diversification of investment.

Underlining recent nuclear negotiations which led to a framework for a permanent agreement between Iran and P5 plus 1, Fetanat noted, “Today we see a rise in the number of foreign companies willing to make investments in the Iranian economy as it is among the world’s top rapidly-developing economies.”

Referring to the predictions of Goldman Sachs, he pointed out that Iran will enjoy the world’s 11th fastest economic growth and development in the near future.

Earlier in mid April, addressing the Middle East and Central Asia Economic Outlook Update press briefing, Masood Ahmed, Director of IMF’s Middle East and Central Asia Department noted that a final agreement between Iran and P5 plus 1 “would have a substantial positive impact not only on the economy of Iran, but also on the economies with which Iran trades in the region and elsewhere.”

“If you look at what's been happening in Iran over the last couple of years, you see that the combination of prudent macro-economic policies and some easing that has come about from the interim agreement, have led to a stabilisation of the economy. You see inflation has come down in Iran from over 40 percent two years ago, to more like 16 percent most recently. You see that after two, three years of the recession, the economy this year is expected to grow by about three percent, so already you see that a combination of good policies and internationally a better environment can have an impact,” Ahmed had pointed out at the briefing session.


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