Thursday, March 21, 2019  
Karbasian outlines strategic measures of the Ministry of Economy in New Year

Sunday, Mar 25, 2018

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance outlined the Ministry’s plan for supporting Iranian goods in the new Iranian calendar year.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Masoud Karbasian, in response to the question of what the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance plans to take on protecting Iranian goods this year, said: We should focus on supporting domestic production in the field of taxation.

In the banking system, we need to focus on domestic production, so that we help the production sector with the rate of preferred benefits that create jobs, the Minister stressed.

Saying that another strategy of the ministry is to support export and provide discounts for import of raw materials at the customs, he added: We should also lay the groundwork for reducing customs formalities and improving the provision of guarantees.

In ​​dealing with informal smuggling, a system has been developed to help identify smuggling, Karbasian noted.

We must also activate the capital market for domestic production, he said, adding: The major supply of financial resources has gone to the banking system, while the capital market can provide this, but the capital market is not currently active in this regard.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance further stated: In the field of investment, we should also consider domestic investment, and foreign investors should pay attention to joint investment instead of exports.

According to Karbasian, all departments of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance should engage in this matter and put it on their agenda.

Referring to the statements of the Supreme Leader on the establishment of a system in the customs for the prevention of smuggling, he thanked the Supreme Leader for his remarks and said:  It is now my responsibility to follow up this task.

In the end, Karbasian stated that we should change the rules in favor of producers in order to protect domestic production.


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