Thursday, March 21, 2019  
Iran will return to stable economic path soon

Saturday, Apr 07, 2018

This is the Iranian high quality, competitive and desirable goods that can be transported across borders; however the production of these goods depends on the government support and the seriousness of the private sector in working with high and precise productivity, said Masoud Karbasian, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Both the government and the private sector need to reconsider some of the components; of course, the government is trying to do its utmost to fulfill this year’s slogan and to support export-centric production, Karbasian added.

Due to the indigenous characteristics of Iran, foreign investors generally prefer to establish an enterprise or invest in it in a partnership with an Iranian entrepreneur because the foreign investor has insufficient information about the political context of the country, the climate and regional situations, the terms and conditions of work in Iran, he noted.

This is a national policy that taking advantage of foreign benefits should be in partnership with the Iranian private sector, Karbasian stated.

Today, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance definitely announces that it is supporting the private sector in attracting foreign investors. In this way, the private sector can use all the technical, legal and advisory services of the Ministry of Economy, he stressed.

In the end, the Minister said that the Ministry’s mission is to maintain economic stability by avoiding any notification of the letter, regulations, and changes in procedures that immediately disturb the order of the economy.


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