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BIM is pioneer in financing Iran developmental projects

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2018

In a meeting with Hans Albrecht, chairman of the board of directors of the Global Bridges Association who is at the head of an economic delegation in Iran, Ali Ashraf Afkhami said Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) is pioneering in financing the countrys development projects.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Bank of Industry and Mine has been able to finance steel projects such as Rohina (Dezful), Pasargad (Fars) and Madkush (Bandar Abbas) worth more than 2 billion euros, Afkhami Managing director of the Bank of Industry and Mine said, adding: The bank also has added about 3000 MW to the capacity of the country's electricity grid by financing 6 power plants of 500 megawatts and 24 small-scale power plants.

The bank has taken steps to finance the entry of new aircraft into the country and has added three Airbus aircraft and eight ATRs to the air fleet of the country, he noted.

Afkhami further emphasized that the financing of petrochemical projects are among other important measures of the Bank, saying: Some achievements of the bank include the construction of Tehran-Qom-Isfahan express railway and the financing of Tehran-Mashhad electric railway.

Stressing that the bank has made significant efforts to comply with the standards required for its engagement with global institutions, he said: The bank is currently linked to 93 banks in 35 different countries.

Bank of Industry and Mine has paid EUR 1 billion and 300 million to the small and medium-sized enterprises of the country and has taken steps to maintain employment and create new jobs in different parts of the country, Afkhami added.

During the meeting, Hans Albrecht also expressed his interest in familiarizing with the activities of the bank in the new era, calling for the creation and enhancement of financial cooperation between the two countries


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