Tuesday, July 17, 2018  
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Nearly 100 of the privatization budget realized in last year

Wednesday, Aug 02, 2017

Last year we had a budget commitment of 16,500 billion tomans, which 16,431 billion tomans were realized, and therefore 1395 (March 2018-17) is the only year in the Privatization Organization we got close to achieving 100 of the budget commitment, the head of the Iranian Privatization Organization said.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- A look at the status of divestment in the country suggests that before the 11th government, we divested about 100 trillion tomans, and during the 11th government we divested 42 trillion tomans, Puri Hosseini added.

Prior to the 11th government, only 18% of the divestment was real, while in the 11th government, this figure reached 66%, he stated.

Before the 11th government, a total of 73 percent of the budget targets were achieved, while in the last four years, the 11th government achieved a total of 86 percent of the budget targets, Puri Husseini added.

He also commented on the actions taken in organizing the Justice Shares in 1995 and said: The actions include the control and monitor of holding public and extraordinary assemblies of 60 companies in 1995, expert review of the performance and profitability of each company, update of the database of people eligible for Justice Share, calculating and applying the amount of installments paid by 49 million people eligible, launch of the Justice Share System, providing payment of remaining unpaid installments, and Call Center for Justice Share.

The head of the Privatization Organization further said that over 50 percent of the remaining companies are the ones that have control stocks, and added: In such companies managers will lose their powers and interest if the company is divested, and that is why when it comes to divesting such companies, resistance against privatization becomes harder.


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