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Iran, Switzerland to establish banking ties

Sunday, Nov 05, 2017

The president of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran says Iran and Switzerland will establish banking ties.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- At the end of the meeting with Philippe Leuba Economy Minister of the Swiss canton of Vaud, Mohammed Khazaei said the Swiss delegation has traveled to Iran to discuss the development of cooperation on biotechnology, IT, special health technologies particularly in the cancer sector, agricultural technology and transport.

Khazaei stated that there is a good atmosphere for the development of banking relations between Iran and Switzerland, saying banking co-operation between Iran and Switzerland is well under way.

At today's meeting, we discussed the banking solutions through which we can finance Iranian projects, he noted, adding: The two sides also discussed the issue of financing investment projects and their insurance coverage through European companies.

Philippe Leuba, Economy Minister of the Swiss canton of Vaud, also said: During our visit to Iran, we had very good meetings with Iranian companies to develop cooperation in the economic sector, and we believe that there is a great opportunity for the development of economic relations and industrial areas between the two countries.


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