Tuesday, January 22, 2019  
11 percent growth in the stock index over the first 100 days

Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017

In the past 100 days in the stock market, we had an 11 growth in the stock index and we did not have fluctuation, and this is due to the Capital Market Stabilization Fund we formed as well as the regulatory system.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- We thought by reducing the bank profits the stock market would fall slightly as well, but the market welcomed the issue, the Minister of Economy said.

Since the introduction of equity bonds and treasury bonds into the stock market, the market has had a positive approach, Karbassian said.

Referring to 14 companies whose symbols are closed, he said: Of these, 8 companies are from the Stock Market and 6 others are from the OTC.

The symbols of 6 companies are being reopened, and the rest, which are mainly banks’, should hold their assemblies, the minister noted.

Banks must submit their financial statements and audits so that we can hold their assemblies, he said, adding: We are struggling to resolve the problem in the state-owned banks over the next three months.

As to the tax exemption, Karbassian stated: This year, tax exemptions and tax breaks have increased; however, the share of income from taxes is 36 percent and successful.

Stating that the previous value added tax law was a test, he said: During this period, we gained a lot of experience and managed to identify problems.

Our main task in the first hundred days was to implement the key slogan of the year, namely production and employment, Karbassian stressed.


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