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Iran, Russia to expand provincial cooperation

Monday, Mar 05, 2018

At a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development of Russia, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran stated that the quantitative and qualitative development of economic relations between the provinces of the two countries, especially the provinces adjacent to the Caspian Sea, is a strategic policy for increasing the level of exchanges.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Masoud Karbasian, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran, met with Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and discussed the development of bilateral cooperation.

Pointing to the recent meetings between the presidents of the two countries during the last year, Karbasian said now that the political relations of the two countries are in such favorable conditions, the development of economic relations is inevitable to consolidate the relations.

He described Russia and Iran as two great countries with a strategic role in international equations.

Karbasian further expressed his satisfaction with the positive economic developments, describing it as an opportunity for the development of relations.

Stating that one of serious issues is joint investments, the Minister said that is why a workgroup with the same feature was created at the Joint Commission.

As to the transportation projects he said: We now need to accelerate the projects in this area, especially the implementation of the North-South Corridor.

Other topics discussed at the meeting include the development of inter-bank relations, providing the necessary infrastructure to facilitate bilateral trade, the development of tourism relations, and the creation of a joint committee for the development of bilateral investment.

Meanwhile, Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of Russia, said: We have a strategic look at Iran's political and economic relations, and we believe that the good political will which is now being developed to expand relations between the two countries is required to deepen bilateral relations.

Stating that Russia supports provincial cooperation, he said: In the implementation of the North-South Corridor, we have been able to make good bilateral progress with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Oreshkin also emphasized the development of transport, joint investment and increase of banking ties with Iran.


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