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Russia ready to further expand ties with Iran

Tuesday, Mar 06, 2018

In a meeting with the Iranian high-level economic delegation, Russias first deputy prime minister said that it is a big step for us to finalize the cooperation and trade agreements between the two countries at the 14th Joint Economic Commission, emphasizing Moscow’s readiness to expand ties with Tehran.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- There are two months left until the end of the current Russian government, and I hope that we will succeed to take good steps in this short time, said Igor Shuvalov the Russian first deputy prime minister.

Shuvalov stated that his country’s representative is satisfied with the process of working and developing cooperation with Tehran, added: The task of supporting this representative has been assigned to me, and wherever there is a complex issue, I will try to take action to resolve it.

Karbasian, the Iranian Economy Minister, also said that we would continue our agreements based on the four-year partnership with Russia.

Therefore, we believe that the joint economic commission of the two countries is holding at a significant time, he added.

The Iranian minister, heading a 75-member delegation, arrived in Moscow Sunday morning to take part in the joint commission meeting. The Iranian delegation included government officials such as deputy ministers of industry, mine and trade, agricultural jihad, petroleum, health, energy, interior and road and urban development as well as economic activists from the private sector.

During his stay, Karbasian held talks with a number of Russian officials, including Minister of Energy Alexander Novak and First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.


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