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Foreign investors eager to enter Iran capital market

Sunday, Aug 16, 2015

Since the last year, foreign investors have welcomed Irans capital market and their wave to enter the Stock Exchange has increased so that only during the past month, 12 foreign-shareholder codes have been issued.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- By the announcement of JCPOA, the speculation on foreign investors to enter Iran and the investment of natural persons and companies in different markets have increased.
330 natural foreign shareholders and 30 legal shareholders are active in the capital market of Iran.
The first foreign-shareholder code in the capital market was received by a German company in November 1994, but now investors from USA, Britain, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Moldova, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, China, India, Turkey, Lebanon, South Africa, UAE, Norway, Greece, Indonesia, Maldives, Hong Kong, Bermuda , Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman and Afghanistan are active in Iran's capital market.
The capital market has natural shareholders from Italy, Russia, China, Czech Republic, France, Moldova, South Africa, Kuwait, Bermuda, Oman and Afghanistan.
The shareholders' requests to receive foreign-shareholder code have increased since the beginning of the year, so that four European shareholders are completing their documents to get the code, said Hamid Soltani, Former CEO of SEMAT.
Pointing to the establishment of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the capital market, he said: Surely, by amending some provisions, removing some international restrictions, and launching officially the new system for transactions, the conditions for foreign investors to enter the capital market will be facilitated.
Foreign investors can easily transfer their money without any risk; Especially the P/E (price-to-earnings ratio) is about 16 in most countries while it is 5 in Iran and therefore the stock market can be very attractive for foreigners. A lower P/E indicates a higher profitability.


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